A Golf Specific Workout Will Energize Your Golf Game

A Golf specific workout designed specifically for your physical
limitations will give you the greatest results in the quickest
amount of time. You may not be interested in this approach, but
I can tell you quite confidently, this is the missing link to
your golf swing improvement. Your current physical capabilities
dictate your golf swing. There is no other way to put it.

There are certain physical requirements that must be met to make
an optimal golf swing with maximum power and efficiency. Have
you tried to make a full backswing only to feel tight,
restricted and tense doing so? Do you think the answer is
hitting more balls or taking more lessons?

The answer is a golf specific workout designed to eliminate your
swing faults and poor golf swing mechanics. The minute you
improve these physical limitations, your golf swing will
transform right in front of your eyes.

This may sound dramatic, but it’s true. When you’re able to make
a full backswing (90 degree shoulder turn, with a 45 degree hip
turn) with no muscular tension or restrictions, you will be able
to generate maximum clubhead speed and power into the golf ball.

You will also be able to repeat this for 18 holes. This will
result in less mishits, more fairways hit and scores that will
drop quickly. Doesn’t that sound like the outcome you have been
hoping for, for a long time?

One of the most important components of a golf specific workout
is core rotational strength and flexibility. The golf swing is a
rotate back and a rotate through. This entails your core to have
optimal strength and flexibility from a rotational standpoint.
All other exercises should be a secondary priority when
designing a golf specific workout.

The beauty of a golf specific workout is it can be done in your
home with minimal equipment. For less than $80, you can have a
complete golf specific workout gym in your home, saving you
hundreds of dollars a year in gym memberships, and also giving
you back more time to play golf due to the convenience of doing
it in your home with no travel time involved.

Knowing you’re doing a golf specific workout that will enhance
your golf game will motivate you to stick with it. Adherence is
key to your success. So many people start fitness programs, only
to quit before they saw any results. Don’t fall into the same

Understanding it will take a little time for your body to
respond to your golf specific workout will allow you to have
realistic expectations. But I can tell you, the results may show
up very quickly if your current physical conditioning is below

It’s never too late to embark on a golf specific workout
program. I have seen golfers in their 80’s, who have increased
their driving distance by up to 60 yards! They were not able to
get the ball air born, and now can make a bigger turn hitting
the ball more solid and much further.

This is something you can’t ignore!

Your golf improvement program should definitely incorporate
practice, a few lessons to get a basic understanding of golf
swing mechanics and most importantly a golf specific workout

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